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About Structural Engineers

What is the role of a structural engineer?​

Structural engineers support you in the evaluation or design of your residential or commercial building project. 

Is a structural engineer the same as an architect?

Whilst an architect focuses mainly on the design, look and layout of a property; a structural engineer performs design checks, using structural analysis tools coupled with experience, to ensure that the proposed works are structurally sound. 

Do I also need an architect?

​If you are planning an extension, loft conversion, full internal remodelling or a new build then you will need to hire an architect. If your project only involves the removal of one or a few walls within your property then you may only need a structural engineer.

Who submits the building control application?

​Usually, this is done by the architect, or whoever is overseeing the project.

Do I need planning permission?

​We would recommend you seek the advice of your local council. 

What is a structural inspection?

​Structural inspections, also known as structural surveys, assess structural defects and the general condition of a building or structure. A  structural inspections may be needed for insurance purposes when applying for a mortgage or when you suspect some structural defects are present with your building.  Structural engineers also give advice on works needed to comply with Building Regulations. 

Structural inspections and surveys are normally limited to structural elements only i.e. we do not cover electrics, plumbing, fixtures and fittings, or finishes.

Do I need a structural engineer for my home project?

If you are planning to make internal alterations, such as knocking down a chimney breast or a load bearing wall, or you’re planning to add an extension, you will need to hire a structural engineer.

If you are changing the structure of a building in any way. If you are making changes to load-bearing walls or removing chimney breasts you will need accurate beam calculations to ensure the structural integrity of your building. This also applies to changes to floors, roofs or foundations. Our role is to ensure that the structure and foundation of your building continues to be structurally sound.

Whenever a new build is being planned, you’ll need to hire the services of a structural engineer.

How much does a structural engineer cost?

​Fees for structural engineers are different for every project, as each project is unique. It is best practice to contact,  IKT Consulting Engineers with your building plans to obtain an accurate quote for your project.

What is a party wall agreement?

Your building works may fall under the Party Wall Act 1996. We would recommend that you speak to a party wall surveyor if you are:

  • building a wall up to or across the boundary with a neighbouring property
  • undertaking work to an existing wall
  • excavating near a neighbouring building

When should we start talking to builders?

​Our advice is to wait until planning permission is achieved and then develop the drawings in more detail in terms of construction and specification. Once these construction drawings are finalised, you are then in a better position to get accurate quotes from a builder.

When is the best time to send drawings to builders for costing?

​The best time would be once the final drawings are produced for building regulations and construction purposes. By waiting until this stage, the builders can quote by referring to the information from the drawings and provide you with an accurate cost for the works. The builder will also be in a better position to determine how long the build will take (start and finish dates) and offer contract and payment terms based on the information to hand, once they have a clear idea of what the project entails.


About IKT Consulting Engineers

Are you qualified structural engineers?

Yes, we are qualified structural engineers with UK experience. Our Engineers are active members of the Institution of Structural Engineers and Institution of Civil Engineers with decades of experience in consulting Structural Engineering in both private domestic and commercial building projects. All structural inspections and reports are checked and approved by a fully qualified and experienced Chartered Engineer, with the Institution of Structural Engineers (MIStructE) and Engineering Council (CEng).  IKT Consulting Structural Engineer Limited is Chartered under the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE).

Are you insured?

If the works are carried out in accordance with our drawings and specifications, all of our design work is covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance. Please note that if your builder doesn’t carry out the work in accordance with our drawings, we will not be responsible.

Do you produce safe designs, accurate drawings and calculations?

Yes, each design is tailor made to meet your project’s requirements. Our drawings and structural calculations are based upon information gathered following a site inspection/ architect Drawings. We take into account building regulations and Construction, Design and Management Regulations. All of our engineers take health and safety responsibilities very seriously.

Do you provide architectural design services?

No, we do not provide architectural design services, but we are happy to recommend an architectural firm if required.

Do you answer building control queries?

Yes, we answer building control queries about our designs as part of our fee. We have 100% building regulations approval.


The Process

What are the next steps after I employ a structural engineer?

​A site inspection will take place if necessary, and then supply you with a full design package. Once this is signed off construction can begin. Our structural engineers will provide support through to project completion.

Will you carry out a site visit for my project?

​Yes, unless there are full architectural building control drawings. However, it is still good practice to carry out a site inspection and collect as much information as possible about the project to provide the best possible design solution. It also helps avoid any unknowns that could lead to costly amendments further down the line.

How long will it take to get my report, drawings or calculations?

​As a guide, we aim to issue structural reports within 5 working days following an inspection. For home alterations and simple commercial projects, we normally issue drawings and calculations within 3-5 days following your instruction and receipt of your architectural drawings. However, every project is different and sometimes turnaround  times  may  vary, we always aim to  produce  calculations in  a reasonable  time  and  will make clients  aware  if  there  are  any delays.

What happens once the structural calculations have been completed?

You and your architect or builder will present the structural calculations to the designated Building Control Authorities for approval.

When can building work start?

​You can start building as soon as you have the complete design package, planning permission, party wall agreement (if applicable), freeholder consent (if applicable), finance, and building control. Please check with your local authority as to whether other requirements are needed.

Can we alter the drawings whilst construction is in progress?

​If you require any amendments to the drawings, please contact us immediately. This could impact the structural integrity of the building. Additional fees to resolve the changes may incur.